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longley private asset management

asset management for the professional and private client

Asset Management

Longley Asset Management Limited (LAM) is an investment management firm located in London, United Kingdom. The firm specialises in investment management services, and, since we do not offer mortgage or pension advice, the firm is classified as 'restricted' as per the regulator's definition post the RDR (Retail Distribution Review) completed at the end of 2012. This means that our focus and specialism is entirely on investment management. The firm was established in early 2004 by Melissa Longley, the firm's Chief Executive, who has been managing investors' portfolios for over 25 years. Prior to setting up LAM Melissa worked at major international investment firms. LAM received its authorisation from the regulator in July 2004 and is authorised to manage and advise both retail and professional clients.

LAM's client portfolios are individually tailored to reflect investors' overall individual objectives which may include a particular time horizon and risk tolerance levels. Depending upon the particular investment goals, portfolios may include exposure to commodities, precious metals or currencies in addition to equities and bonds. Where investors have an income objective, LAM may utilise conservative derivative strategies such as "covered call writing" in order to enhance the portfolio's yield, but always in prior agreement and as long as this matches the investor's risk profile.

Longley Asset Management's in-house expertise is complemented by various sources of independent research, including Argus, Fuller Money and Fat Prophets, and we monitor a universe of global equities, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Collective Investment Schemes such as unit trusts and investment trusts. LAM combines economic and fundamental research with technical analysis.

Services to US Expatriates

If you are a US citizen now resident in the United Kingdom we can offer you our investment management services. We are able to do this via brokers and custodians who are able to provide the information required for both US and UK tax reporting.


LAM provides consultancy services to firms that require specialist investment and/or regulatory expertise. These relationships can be ongoing or set for a particular time period.


Assets placed under mandate will be subject to a management fee (due quarterly in arrears) and low transaction charges. Full fees are disclosed to clients of Longley Asset Management in our Schedule of Fees and Charges which forms part of our Terms of Business. Consultancy fees are agreed on an individual basis.